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My full name is Tamay Michelle Samira Konzack, but most peoples know me only under Michelle Konzack, which is my public visible name and I was born in 1968 in Isanbul. With 2 years (in 1970) I have gotten german adoptive parents and grow up in Munich/Germany.

My first self programmed microcontrooller was a 8049 with 2kB backpack EEPROM of 2 kByte in 1982. And no, at this time we had no computers and no gcc/sdcc... The EEPROM was coded from mnemonics tables by hand and address for address. One Error and you had to erase the entired EEPROM using UV light and start again programming...

In 1983 I had enough of germany I was gone to the fench army where I stood up to 2007

I have studied informatic in the USA (California) by correspondence between 1998 and 2003 while I was workig for the french army and finished in August 2007 with a doctorate in "Biometric and its Algorythmm".

My Enterprise was created in 1999 after I had a grave kidney fail and was not more able to work for the army directly. Since 1999 I am private military contractor for France and some other NATO countries.

Directly from the beginning I have qualifed me for very huge databases of PostgreSQL.

Since March 1999 I am a very big Fan of The Debian Project, the world biggest and most powerfull GNU/Linux distribution.

Beginning in 1999 with database servics, I am working in the intranet domain and coding customized solutions. Also I am working with ARM based Mirocontrollers and embeddes Systems like Emdebian.

Du to the huge demands I have inreased my business to Cloud Computing.

Byside my personal programming services, I am ISP/Hoster/Registrar of more then 200.000 Domains currently.

Michelle Konzack

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